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In our lives we have known thousands of truly impressive people, but none are quite like Larry Elder. We have been friends with Larry for over 30 years and in that time have come to know him as both a conservative leader and good guy—two things California could really use right now.


Larry is likely best known for his fast-talking radio show where his seemingly off-the-cuff speeches have become legendary from coast to coast but few understand just how much dedication go into each one of his speeches. The Sage from South Central is aptly named as one of the most knowledgeable, well-read, well-researched commentators of our time. He brings that level of preparation to everything he does and has been dazzling audiences with his command of the facts for decades.


In 2021 when facts are in short supply and those who are brave enough to speak truth to power are often censored or canceled for their “radical” opinions, Larry is like a breath of fresh air. His well-known intolerance for incompetence is exactly what is needed in Sacramento at a time when incompetence seems to be the status quo.


Ultimately, things in California have never been worse after years of liberal control. Larry’s top priorities (and our main reason for supporting him) are these:


(1) California’s quality of life is deteriorating. Homelessness, out-of-control cost of living, and downright hostile conditions for small businesses have led to an exodus from our great state the likes of which we have never seen before.


(2) Personal safety is at a 40-year low. Attacks on the peace officers, calls for defunding police agencies, and an all-out war on quality District Attorneys has led to an increase in crime and a decrease in personal safety all across California.


(3) Public education has been denigrated to an all time low. Democrats’ attempts to “fix” the public education system in California has had the effect of ruining what was a pretty good system just one generation ago.


Larry is also a phenomenal communicator. His brand of libertarian conservatism appeals to voters across the political spectrum who value individual rights, privacy, and freedom. He can speak directly to a younger audience and can speak to minority voters in a way many candidates simply cannot.


This is an opportunity that comes around maybe once in a generation—and it will come down to who wants it more. Right now Democrats are turning in ballots at a higher rate than Republicans. Don’t fall for tactics designed to suppress Republican votes (i.e., allegations that one method of voting is superior to another). You can mail in your ballot (like we did), drop it off at a drop box location (find one close to you here), or vote in person at one of the many vote centers (find one here).


Don’t get discouraged. Remember that Michelle ousted a Democrat incumbent mere months ago using this same voting system. It can work if we just get out the vote.


We have a state to save. How bad do we want it?


Michelle & Shawn Steel
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