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By Genoa Barrow | Originally posted on The Observer.

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder has emerged victorious in his suit against Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber to have his name added to the list of official candidates in California’s gubernatorial recall election on September 14.

Elder’s name was not among the 41 certified candidates announced by the Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber on Sunday. His team says they were told it was due to “redaction issues” with the income tax returns he filed along with his paperwork, 7,000 signatures and $4,200 fee. Elder said the action was designed to keep him from beating Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl ruled on Wednesday that the Secretary of State’s requirement that candidates submit five years worth of tax returns doesn’t apply to recall elections, only to “direct primary elections.”

“We fought the shenanigans of Sacramento’s politicians and we won,” said Elder, who announced his candidacy on July 12.

Prior to the setback and lawsuit, Elder spoke to The Sacramento OBSERVER in front of the State Capitol July 15, outlining the reason he’s running and his vision for California post-COVID and post-Newsom.

“The arrogance of Gavin Newsom was crystalized by the way he handled this pandemic,” said the Republican hopeful.

“This man has presided over the most severe coronavirus lockdown in all 50 states. People lost their jobs, people lost their livelihoods, meanwhile his own private business kept open and his own kids remained in in-person private schools,” he continued.

Many have maintained that the recall election is a waste of time and taxpayer money.

“This is a state of emergency,” Elder said.

“This is a perfect storm — crime, homelessness, declining school standards, the rising price of homes and the way this guy has shut down the economy, causing thousands of people to lose their small businesses. This is an intervention.”

Elder says as a rule, he’s not in favor of recalls or impeachments.

“But when someone has become so outrageous, sometimes something has to be done.”

He’s taken an “If not you, who and if not now, when?” approach.

“When Barack Obama ran, people thought he was insane,” he shared. “Hillary (Clinton) was the favorite; she had all the money and even the (Congressional) Black Caucus was in favor of her, so the idea that if something seems to be implausible, then you don’t do it? Uh, Uh. That’s not how I roll.”

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