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By Ward Connerly | Originally Posted on OC Register

When a Black gubernatorial candidate in America’s most racially diverse state is viciously attacked because he holds views that differ from those of the political and media establishment, something is dreadfully wrong.

It is hard to know where to start — so many, so unhinged, and so vile are the attacks against Larry Elder in the Los Angeles Times’ hit pieces.

On August 18, the Times ran a column by Jean Guerrero under the title “If Larry Elder is elected, life will get harder for Black and Latino Californians.” She kicks off by demonstrating her hatefulness with the declaration that Elder “has built a career as a Black radio talk show host who isn’t afraid to deny the reality of systemic racism by maligning Black people.” In other words, Elder is a race traitor.

He is also anti-Latino, Guerrero claims. Elder “told The Times he doesn’t believe in sanctuary laws, and he’s against in-state tuition, healthcare and driver’s licenses for the undocumented. He opposes birthright citizenship. He objects to cashless bail and diverting police funds to social programs.”

Would it be racist to point out to Guerrero that these positions have nothing to do with race? That, only in extreme left-wing bubbles, which, admittedly, the Times has become, is it taken as gospel that a city or state must give sanctuary to lawbreakers? That providing in-state benefits to people who are not only from out of state, but from out of country, is not quite yet a litmus test for being non-racist? That defunding the police is neither pro-Black nor pro-Latino, but pro-criminal?

Other signs of Elder’s racism are that “he doesn’t plan to do much about climate change” and that he opposes vaccine and mask mandates, which both ostensibly harm people of color the most. These are all hotly debated topics, yet Guerrero makes it clear that only one opinion is acceptable.

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