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By Katy Grimes | Originally Posted on CA Globe

California Governor Gavin Newsom did a really odd video interview this week with several media outlets including the Sacramento Bee. In the 6:25 minute youtube clip below, Newsom said “damn” 9 times, and slammed his desk with his hand and fist 59 times.

He also made some really strange statements, and with a funky drawl.

He was asked if the California dream was more of a mirage, with all of the obvious issues facing the state (shortened version of the long question).

“I love this damn state,” Newsom said. “We have over 100 damn IPO’s.” (Initial Public Offerings)

Okay, that may not be so odd, other than the two “damns” in one breath.

“Middle class families in Texas pay more taxes than middle class families in California,” Newsom continued. And for impact, he added, “Look that up. That’s a fact.”

That is a pretty odd “damn” contention considering Texas is one of seven states that do not have income tax. Texas does have a statewide sales tax of 6.25% and has higher property taxes than California. “Texans are taxed less overall by state and local governments, but they pay some of the highest sales and property taxes in the country, according to the most recent data from the Tax Policy Center,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to TurboTax, California has by far the highest income tax — its 13.3% top rate dwarfs No. 2 Hawaii’s 11%. But the fairest apples-to-apples, all-inclusive comparison we could find comes from WalletHub, which ranks “overall tax burden by state,” reflecting income tax, property tax and sales tax. California’s 9.48% total tax burden makes it the 10th highest tax state. Texas at 8.19% is 30th.

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